C O L O R F U L  G L     B E
This is an airplane kit.    (Lancair 4)

You buy the parts and assemble them by yourself.
Sounds like fun, it was (the first half year).
The kit came as outer skin in pieces.
No bulkheads or ribs, only panels of the material.
The main spar was attached to the upper wing skin.
As you see it on the picture, we invested half a year of work so far.
The kit plane company promises you 1000 to 2000 hours,
I don't know anybody who made it under 7000 hours.
But I know people who work on it for 12 years and not flying yet.
Only 25% of the kit planes ever fly !!
It took my friend Robert Janus and me 3.5 years of hard work.

The most asked Question from visitors was:
How much longer will it take to finish it ?
My honest answer over all of those 3.5 years:   Another half year