C O L O R F U L  G L     B E

The route started and ended in Germany
The longest leg over water was 8 hours 45 minutes
crossing from the Cape Verdes to Brasil.
     Entering Chile at Puerto Montt.
     Punta Arenas and Antarctica.
Because of a propeller damage I could not fly up the
west coast of South America, cross over the Andies
and down the Amazon river as planned.
Very high altitude would have needed full RPM and
therefor much stress on the propeller.
So I flew back over
     Belem (Brasil), Cayenne (Fr. Gujana),
     San Juan (Puerto Rico)        
     Ft.Worth (to get the Autopilot functioning).
     Redmond (Oregon) Ketchikan (Alaska),
     Fairbanks, Anchorage.
     California, South Carolina, NY,
     Hallifax, Goose Bay (Canada),
     Kulusuk (Greenland),
     Kevlavik (Iceland),
     Bergen (Norway)