A different approach to gravitation:

Klaus Bäuerle

A theory about the cause of gravitation
published June 2012

extended to the mechanism of black holes and galaxies
published November 2013

postulated 'Gravitons' have not been found, despite of intense search !
postulated 'Dark Matter' has not been found,
despite of intense search !
New finding: in the young universe postulated Dark Matter was less active? Change of characteristic?
postulated 'Dark Matter' is not needed in this model !
postulated 'Gravitons' are not needed in this model !
postulated 'Dark Energy is questionable after this model !

The cause of the 'MOND' theory finds an explanation.
"accelerating universe expansion" finds an explanation.

If recent
Bose-Einstein Condensate fall experiments show reduced gravitational force,
it will be a huge support for this model. If not, it does not falsify it.

To my knowledge nobody tried to approach gravitation backwards over the equivalence
principle. The logic consequences are highly surprising to say the least.


This hypothesis:
explains the cause of gravitation
explains the "Equivalence Principle"
explains "Fly over anomaly" and "Pioneer anomaly"
explains the Mercury, Earth and Moon escape
explains the flat shape, bump in the middle, of galaxies
explains higher than expected outer rotation speed of galaxies, no "Dark Matter" needed
explains why smaller galaxies can swallow matter from bigger once
explains the observed accelerated expansion of the universe, no "Dark Energy" needed

What is gravitation?  Spatial alternate field hypothesis

Almost 100 years after publication of the general theory of relativity there is no
explanation of what gravitation is. The bending of space was a mathematical move to
integrate gravity into Einstein’s special theory of relativity. This move was based on
Mach's never proven assumption, inertia is a gravitation effect (in an empty universe
there would be no inertia).
Einstein only describes the behavior of the system. He failed to unify quantum
mechanics and relativity. His mathematical move to make his formulas work (the bended
space) is mistaken as cause of gravitation until today.
Why 10 power 50 atoms on Earth influence each single one of them, is unexplained.
Since only atoms are there and gravitation is there, the interaction of atoms has to be
the cause for gravitation. Finally gravitation is the interaction between 2 atoms.
No matter how nice the system can be described in a 4 dimensional space.
When Tschuri pulled Philae, a bended space was hardly needed.
Any theory of gravity has to answer on an atomic level, how the two phenomena
inertia and gravitation (superficial not related to each other) behave identical for every
element. Why
gravitation force is exact proportional to the force caused by
acceleration for any kind of matter.
I admit, a graviton attached to every proton and neutron would be an easy way out.
Since it could not be found it is unlikely to exist. Even more unlikely since a model using
gravitons needs
never proven dark matter to understand astronomical observations.
Higgs Boson was the last missing particle in our atomic model. We still don't
understand the cause of gravitation.
In this space of unknown, the spatial alternate field hypothesis has its position
until proven better.

This hypothesis claims proton movement is the cause for gravitation.
If proton movement inducts a magnetic field or a magnetic like field is unknown.
Protons cannot be pushed through a conductor, like electrons can.
Also unknown is how a
magnetic like field would interact with a magnetic field.
The impossibility to shield gravity hints for a
magnetic like field. If three dimensional
alternating magnetic fields where nucleus movement is involved behave the same way
like we know it, is unknown. All magnetic fields as we know them are static, or one
dimensional alternating and caused by electron movement.
What kind of field proton movement, if at all, produces has to be found out. The field wlll
be extremely weak. Gravity per Atom is the weakest force caused by any field we know.
This theory puts its weight on spatial alternation of such polar field.


In a solid state, the atomic electron shell is hampered of neighboring atoms in its
movement. It can hardly swing. Electrons are scattered all over on changing tracks,
preventing compression of the atom. Neutrons and protons stick together in the nucleus.
What resonates is the nucleus. Liquids and gases allow similar considerations. Plasma
possibly not. Ions in a different way.
According to this hypothesis, gravitation is caused by synchronous swings of the atomic
nucleus with Protons part of it, constantly changing lanes following a sphere surface.
Thus, it would be a field with spatial rotating vector (movement in 3 dimensions).
Only one, its orientation constantly changing polar field, can be equally effective
in every direction and thus hide its polar nature.
From the known fields, the only other field which raises forces over distances as strong
as we know it from gravity is the magnetic field.
Is gravitation a magnetic field? Synchronized swinging atomic magnets would attract
each other!
If proton movement causes another kind of field than electron movement does,
that field will be an alternating field with a spatial rotating vector, as well.

If atoms of diamagnetic and paramagnetic substances can direct a spatial alternating
magnetic like field and by doing so produce a shielding or increasing effect, is unknown.

To measure a spatial magnetic field the size of our planet by induction, is not a simple
task, there will always be the same intensity of field on both sides of a wire, thus no

The vast proportion of nucleus movement is asynchronous vibration (thermally caused).
If, then only a small percentage of the field synchronizes with the fields of trillions and
trillions of other atoms, whose rotating dipoles have synchronized as well.

Assume, proton eccentric rotation around 3 axles of the swinging nucleus
induces a field.
On the one hand, a higher number of protons (more positive charge) in the
nucleus increase the field.
On the other hand, a higher number of protons in the nucleus increase the
electrostatic centric force to push the nucleus back to the center of the atom.
Thus decreasing the radius of the sphere around which the nucleus swings,
decreasing the area around which the nucleus swings, so decreasing the field.
Both effects compensate each other, so no influence of the amount of positive
charge of the nucleus on the strength of the field. In a formula, they cut out.

The total nucleus mass does not like to follow the circular path*.
The radius of the sphere increases by increasing mass, thus the area increases,
thus the field increases.
Therefore, the strength of such a field is only proportionally to the nucleus  
concentrated mass. (even in isotopes, not in ions > nucleus centric force reduced)
The force during acceleration of an atom is proportional to its mass (Newton).
Therefore all atoms, no matter if gravity exposed or equal accelerated,
react by producing an identical force, proportional to their atomic weight.
Gravitation is a function of inertia (reverse of Machs assumption).
                       (Principle of equivalence)

* analogy: none centric filled laundry centrifuge

That logic makes me claim:

1. Proton movement is the cause of gravitation.

The movement synchronises like the swing circuit of a receiver with the one of the
transmitter. In the case of gravitation it synchronises both ways, the bigger mass of
course dominates in strength proportional to matter.
Since a proton can swing statistical with the nucleus, and can also move on a circular
path, there exist
2 types of gravitation.
Type 1 as we know gravitation.
Type 2 gravitation originated from black holes
The action of these 2 types on a single atom is only different by the movement pattern
of its nucleus.

2. Neutrons do not follow the law of gravitation.

Neutron stars existing only in theory and might be kept together by other forces than

The postulated nucleus swing is not associated with a fixed frequency. The nucleus
swing of the next moment can be in opposite direction, or perpendicular to the observer.
So the effect is mathematically not to grab with any wave theory. Maybe with statistical
A fixed frequency would have been detected long ago.
A noise contains a variety of frequencies without any regularity. Doppler after this model
causes the effects when gravitational sources approach or divert from each other.
Doppler seems to be an effect of a defined frequency. But the statistical distribution of
frequencies in a noise should in the same way follow Doppler. An ambulance equipped
with a noise generator instead if a siren produces an identical sound change from
approaching to leaving.
The statistical distribution of frequencies might be the bridge between gravitation and
quantum mechanics.
Vector velocity is sweeping back and forth in a spatial orientation. Synchronisation is
only based on probabilities.
A cosmic noise, maybe the Red Noise might be its equivalent.
As soon as that vector can be measured and be reproduced the opposite way
(without time delay), we will have gravitation under control.

According to this hypothesis, gravitation acts as a magnetic or magnetic like linear
motor, which exerts a force. In approximating or increasing distance from a source
of gravity, the performing wave (noise) changes by strength and by frequency based
on the distance law and the effect of Doppler. In analogy, the torque (force) of an
AC-motor depends on the voltage (distance from a gravitational source) and the phase
difference between rotor and stator (Doppler dependent).
Translated to spatial alternating field gravitation, it is a function of distance (Newton)
and projection of velocity  (Doppler) with statistical phase shift towards the gravitation

A light beam seen as particle, passing a gravitational field is bended by gravitation
A light beam seen as wave, passing an alternating gravitational field is bended by  
electromagnetic interference**.

**analogy: phased array radar antenna

Four effects seem to be concordant:

1. Fly by anomaly:
Deviation of position appears after the flight over a celestial body
by a spacecraft under a defined angle to the axis and the direction of rotation. Entry
into a resting alternate field, exit out of a moving alternate field, caused by rotation of the
planet. This observation leads strongly to Doppler caused phase shift with accelerating or
decelerating Effect, leading to deviating force with the effect of an unexpected position.
Approach and departure over the same latitude (north and south) has no effect.

2. Pioneer anomaly: A high escape velocity results in reduced gravity (Doppler).
The more distant the probes came from sun, the more they slowed down. Thus, the
frequency increased compared to the frequency at high velocity at beginning of the
flight. Increased
frequency causes higher force. This higher force was observed as additional force
towards the sun. At the beginning of the flight the lower gravity could not be observed,
too little time to add up a significant deviation. But the distance could be measured
precisely. Based on that distant measurement, speed was calculated. Later the
probe got slower, now the distance deviation could be measured because the time
was long enough to add up a measurable deviation towards the sun.

3. Perihelia rotation of Mercury:
Perihelia rotation by Newton   :     5.32     seconds per year
Perihelia rotation  observed   :   + 0.43   seconds added to Newton’s calculation
The 0.43 seconds deviation between Newton’s calculation and the measurement are the
result out of two effects:

The Doppler-Effect causes non mirror image speed profiles, during approaching and
leaving the sun on the elliptic path. Moving same distance on different speed profiles
forward and backward, takes more time, than moving on average speed. This extra time
causes perihelia rotation.
It also explains why its most distant orbital point slowly moves away from sun.
During approaching sun gravitation is increased by Doppler, a higher speed is resulting.
During leaving sun, gravitation is reduced by Doppler, a higher distance can be reached.
These effects are seen as if the sun would not rotate.

4. Moon escape:
The Moon increases its distance to earth by 3.6 centimeter annually. As cause the
forward shifted gravitation vector (to its rotation around earth caused by tide) is claimed.
1.Since there is also a backward shifted vector slightly weaker than the forward one,
which reduces the forward one by 92%. That makes it equivalent to 56 of 700 tides per
2. The average tide on the high ocean is only 61 cm.
3. Water has only 1/3 of the specific weight of the moons matter.
56 x 0.61 m is equivalent to 1 tide of 33 m wandering around earth per year.
Only 1.7 % of the gravitation of this mountain of water is directed forward on the moons
orbit to accelerate the moon.
This little effect is hardly able to lift the whole moon up by 3.6 cm per year.
(10 ^ 15) kg of water by an in average lift of 16 m, cannot lift up
7.35 x (10 ^ 22) kg of moon matter by 3.6 cm.

After this gravitation theory the cause of the moons escape lies in the moons elliptical
orbit and the postulated gravitational Doppler effect.
When the moon comes closer to earth, gravitation is increased by Doppler.
During its escape phase, gravitation is decreased. At the closest point moon is slightly
faster than it should be. This extra kinetic energy is transferred into greater hight.
Even more since the gravity is decreased by Doppler during climbing away from earth.

By the way, earth slowly escapes sun (15 cm / year, by Wikipedia for unknown reasons).
In my opinion for exactly the same reason. Gravitational Doppler effect on elliptical orbits.

Experimental try of verification: (needs lots of luck)

Base of measurement:

The cause of such based gravitation should also be detectable by electrostatic. A shift
of positive charge inside an atom, due to vibration of the nucleus, causes an electric
field change inside as well as outside of an atom (this is only a side effect).
On room temperature this very weak signal is undetectable because of thermal noise.
At 0 degree Kelvin, any thermal oscillation should be gone. The remaining oscillation if
there is, possibly has the same origin like gravitation.
Since the oscillation of all the atoms is postulated as synchronized, plenty atoms behind
each other should increase the field and with it the measured Voltage. Plenty atoms
beside each other should send more current to an amplifier.
The phases of two monitoring stations, meters or kilometers apart, should be identical.
The phases of two monitoring stations, located opposite on earth should be phase
shifted by 180 degree.
Whether the very low voltage can be measured is uncertain, especially since all atoms
of the measuring circuit resonate in the same way and might build up an opposite
voltage which compensates the searched for voltage.
Since the effort of such an experiment is little, it should be tried.

Experiment 1:

Step 1:
A plate capacitor (2 inch by 2 inch), provided with a 1 inch thick, high specific
weight dielectric, cooled down together with its measuring amplifier to as close as
possible to O degree Kelvin. The plates should be orientated horizontally. All wires to
and from the containment and the containment its self, have to be shielded extremely
well.It should be used a very high Ohm amplifier, capable of amplifying DC as well as
AC of high frequency. What I expect is a noise, no fixed frequency.
If a somehow alternating voltage can be measured (with lots of luck), go to
Step 2: Double the experiment and measure the phase difference of the noise.
If there is no phase difference, go to:  
Step 3: Move the experiments to opposite global positions. The phase shift should be
for every frequency of the noise shifted 180 degree, plus the phase shift for each
frequency caused by delay distance/speed of wave through media earth (not necessary
speed of light)

Experiment 2:

Is an electron taken away from an atom (ion), the force to keep the nucleus centered
decreases. Therefore the weight of such an ion should increase on identical mass.
The weight of a containment filled with gas should increase its weight the moment the
gas is ionised.
Increase of weight of 100% ionized gas = atomic weight / [atomic weight -1]

Experiment 3:

In a particle accelerator two close crossing proton beams should be deviating from their
track beginning at the crossover point. The one with the lower energy deviating stronger.
Magnetic and electric shielding should not cancel that effect out.

Experiment 4:

Gravitational waves should be detectable by a slight statistical frequency shift of cosmic

Experiment 5:

recent fall experiments with Bose-Einstein condensate turn up the question if gravity
changes intensity when atomic swing comes to a stop at 0 K.
Since the postulated gravitational nucleus swing and the thermal swing are superposed,
the gravitational swing might not be influenced at all by cooling down. On the other hand
changes of the atomic structure might have an effect.
At least it is suspicious that the condensate appears as a cloud. Without thermal swing
gravity should pull Matter to the surface of the chamber.

                              * * *

Model transferred to black holes,
its impact on the understanding of galaxies,
its impact on the understanding of the expanding universe:

In a gravitation trap like a black hole, matter of an incredible amount rotates with
incredible speed on a spiral track towards the center. This spiral has to be flat
because of the tremendous centrifugal forces. Matter intercepts from the convex side
into the spiral. When it falls into the rotation plane it is pulled into the spiral. All matter
approaches over the spiral.
Close to the hole, fast matter movement of a big amount, vertical to the rotation plane
does not occur, because of probability reasons.
Further away from the hole, matter is falling from the northern and southern hemisphere
of the galaxy center bump into the rotation plane. Because of lack of support in a right
angle to the rotation. Their opposed movement, before and after falling through the
center of the galaxy, compensate proton movement effects after this theory. As soon
as they pass it close and enter the plane, they are sucked towards the center with
increasing vector rotation speed (pirouette effect and gaining kinetic energy by falling).
Matter is moving with high speed on a flat spiral. As smaller as the circle gets as more
centrifugal force occurs, as more gravitation is needed. The next inner spiral ring has a
higher Vector velocity, around less area than the one before. If proton movement is the
cause of gravitation, the field gets stronger as further as you get in. A gravitation field
concentration happens. In the center the fields of all loops superpose each other. Matter
on outer spiral layers has to follow to inner layers. There is no escape.
The assumption of this gravitation theory is that protons on a circular path synchronise
the protons far away and influence nucleus movement of atoms. Which means they pull
on each other. The proton movement in the black hole will not synchronise with anything.
But anything in the rotation plane will synchronise with it.
Proton movement close to the black hole is nothing else than the 2 dimensional
special case, with f=0, of the spatial alternating field gravitation theory (protons
moving with high speed on a circular path to produce gravity).
The mechanism is exactly the same. But as it is only two dimensional, its
attracting force is limited to vectors in the plane.
Vertical to the plane, no proton movement, so no type 2 gravity.
In this theory this is the reason, why galaxies are flat, the reason the plasma-jet
can leave perpendicular to the rotation plane.
The common explanation for flat galaxies, that matter from out of the galaxies rotation
plane is forced into the plane to minimize potential energy, sounds unlikely on such
distances. Even more, as matter could not get rid of its kinetic energy towards the plane
when it has fallen far enough to reach the rotation plane, it would endless overshoot the
The bump in the middle of a galaxy is likely caused by normal (spatial alternating field)
gravitation which pulls matter out of all directions.
Gravitation as we know it, distributes its field to the surface of a sphere. For that reason
it decreases with the square of distance (1/r ²).
A two dimensional field distributes its field to the circumference of a circle, theoretical it
decreases proportional to the distance (1/r). In practice it also decreases with 1/r²
because of a small angle out of the plane. But a ring has much less surface then a
sphere. That means it decreases less with distance than gravitation as we know it.
This phenomenon is described by the
'MOND theory' [Mordehai Milgromuntil].
Dark matter was postulated, to increase gravitation by increasing matter, to make the
higher than expected rotation speed of stars at the periphery of galaxies explainable.
When gravitation originated from the black hole decreases less with distance,
because of its two dimensional characteristic, dark matter
(never found, contains
never found gravitons ??)
is not needed to explain the higher velocity of periphery
stars of a galaxy.
The finding that dark matter was less active in the young Universe implements a weird
characteristic of dark matter.
Galaxies in the young universe show less increased
periphery speed
[Charles Q. Choiis] as a result out of their still tiny black whole.

Since matter flow into black holes is not constant (it depends on what comes), its
gravitation will fluctuate, which results in a little zig zag on the curved track of stars
wandering around the galaxy.
An alternating deviation from a smooth track of solar
systems circling around the periphery of our galaxy was observed.
This theory sees gravitation of a galaxy as a superposition of normal gravitation
and two dimensional gravitation caused by a black hole in the center.

Tiny spherical dwarf galaxies in the neighbourhood of our galaxy have likely not ignited
their black hole. Their stars fall to the center by gaining kinetic energy, fall through the
center to convert their kinetic energy into potential energy again and so on.
Since it is a rare event that two stars pass the center at the same time collision is not
very likely. Only when enough collisions have happened, their black hole ignites.

As long as a galaxy does not enter the rotation plane of another galaxy, they only
interfere by normal gravitation (distributed to the surface of a sphere). Effective only,
if they come very close.
As soon as a galaxy enters the rotation plane of another galaxy, the long distance
effect of the two dimensional field starts to pull matter from that galaxy. That occurs
even if that galaxy is smaller and still far away. That could be the reason why smaller
galaxies can eat bigger once, like recently discovered.
When Andromeda will collide with Milky Way one day, they will not flow through each
other like widely published. The one which gets into the rotation plane of the other one
first, will be stripped of its of matter.
So many galaxies are filling the universe, only very weak interlocked by 3 dimensional
gravitation because of distance. By 2 dimensional gravitation they are interlocked
much stronger. As stronger as their rotation planes share the same plane.
If their rotation plane is not aligned jet, type 1 gravitation forces them into alignment
(close arms are more attracted then distant arms).
The black hole in the center has to adapt its rotation axis to the plane where the majority
of its feed of matter comes from.
Exactly that effect is observed. Alignment of quasar polarisation in large scale structures.
ESO] Aligning to each other because of type 1 gravitation is step one. Getting closer or
more distant because of attraction or distraction of type 2 gravitation is step two. If they
get closer, carnivore one the other is step three.

A spin projected into a plane can be clockwise or anticlockwise. Type 2
gravitation has a polarity depending on the spin direction.
Is the spin of 2 neighbour galaxies opposite, they will attract each other and
finally unify.
Is the spin the same, they will push against each other and gain more
distance, they bounce (comparable to bouncing atoms in a gas).

In the center of the universe pulling and pushing forces are about the same. In this
region the average of expansion is determined by the initial energy from the
[Big?] Bang. Towards the edge of the universe matter density decreases.
Pull forces from some center dominate and decelerate expansion. On a long term
areas of the universe will contract.

Findings that the universe expansion accelerates is an optical illusion. Its
measurement more than questionable. The Hubble constant puts distance and
redshift into a relation. This relation is violated as soon as local accelerations with
resulting speeds come into the equation. For that reason we simply don't know
how far a galaxy is away from us.
Type 2 gravitation with its characteristic of polarity leads to attract or repel
neighbour galaxies depending on their spin.
Interpreted by redshift the one accelerated away from us appears to be further
out and faster than they actually are. The one accelerated towards us appears to
be closer and slower than they actually are. For universe expansion the average
of both has to be taken into account. The average of them moves with the normal
expansion for that region of the Universe. Unfortunately there is no way to
determine which are the two interfering with each other.
The Galaxies accelerated out appear faster and gain their energy from the once
accelerated in. They lead to the observation of accelerated expansion of the
This false interpretation leads to the question where that extra energy comes
from? And since that question could not be answered, 'Dark Energy' was

In the event of 2 galaxies with same spin and very different mass approach with high
speed, the black hole of the smaller one can be kicked out and vagabond through empty
space [
NASA]. It is the pulse of the bigger black hole having the same spin and so the
same polarity which kicks it out. A gravitational wave results out of positive or negative
acceleration of a big amount of matter. When it has reached its final speed, there is no
gravitational wave any more.

Even neighbourhood galaxies do not follow the pattern of todays widely
accepted theory of gravitation
[NASA: Marcel S. Pawlowski].

Polarized type 2 Gravitation is the cause of unequal distribution of matter in the
Galaxies are concentrated in clusters, in net structures, in 3 dimensional webs.
Only clusters could  to be understood as a result of 3 dimensional gravitation.
The spatial superposition of two dimensional gravitation planes leads almost inevitable
to spatial net kind of concentration of matter. A kind of web. Clusters would be formed in
regions where plenty of planes cut each other. Calculations based on normal gravitation
as known, even with Einstein corrections will not form such structures.
Because of less decrease with distance the interlock of matter in such webs
would be stronger in the grip of 2 dimensional gravitation.
Galaxies carnivore each other. Who eats who is not a question of size, it is a
question of who gets into who's gravitation plane first.

There have been plenty galaxies observed which approach towards us,
contradict the Big Bang theory, which claims all galaxies move away from
us. That means local contracting effects take place.
In areas where matter is contracting [Laniakea] the rotation pattern is more
mixed. In areas of less matter density, the rotation pattern is more uniform.
The observed high and low galaxy density region of the universe
[Brent Tully] and its side effect of a cold spot in cosmic microwave background
[Istvån Szapudi] hints towards expanding and contracting regions of the
universe. The Big Bang theory has possibly to be replaced by a Local Bang
In a Local Bang theory there is no beginning and no end of time. Unless time is defined
as a local event.


1. Gravitation is caused by proton movement.

There are 2 types of gravitation:
Type 1: caused by proton movement (eccentric nucleus spin around 3 axles).
Appears as a spatial alternate field, active in 3 dimensions.
Hiding its polar nature. Decreasing with square of distance (gravitation as we know it).
Type 2: caused by proton movement in Black Hole (spin around 1 axle).
Appears as two dimensional constant field, active in 2 dimensions and polarized,
depending on spin orientation of black hole.
Theoretically decreasing proportional to distance.
Practically decreasing with square of distance as the Ring around its                     
2 dimensional space has a little third dimension. Because of smaller Ring surfaceace
compared to sphere significant less fast decreasing with distance as Type 1 gravitation.
It pulsates with the amount of matter falling into the black hole per time.

2.   Ions have practically the same mass and so identical inertia,
but produce a higher force in a gravitational field.

3.   Gravitation is a an inertia effect (reverse of Mach's assumption), caused by
proton movements.

4.   As more as the orbit of a celestial body is elliptical, as faster it escapes its
central body
(except satellites, slowed down by gas molecules).

5.   Never proven dark matter not needed to explain high rotation speed of
galaxy periphery (type 2 gravitation).

6.   Never proven dark energy not needed to explain faster and faster expanding
(energy comes from interacting partner galaxy).

7.  Easy detectable side effect of gravitation is cosmic noise.

8.  Gravitational waves are noise shifts caused by massive acceleration of matter.
When the acceleration is over, matter synchronises and wave is over.

9.  Net structures of the mass distribution in the universe is caused by
superposition of gravitation planes (type 2 gravitation) and its polarity.

10.   Expansion of Universe will come to an end and turn into contraction since
distant acceleration is only an optical illusion.

11.  The Big Bang theory has possibly to be replaced by a Local Bang theory.
It implements, a beginning of time is not to define.

* * *

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